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About CCC

About Us

Clear Conscience Counseling, LLC provides out patient substance abuse and mental health treatment for adults and adolescents. Our behavioral health services are delivered in a safe, nurturing environment allowing for personal growth and healing. Our treatment team works collaboratively with parents, families, schools, and other providers to ensure appropriateness in care. Our seasoned and professional clinical staff are always available via phone, email and fax.

Our Philosophy

We believe addiction is a chronic disease which if left untreated will expand into
all areas of the clients’ life destroying the possessions they value, their relationships, their personal integrity, and eventually their life. In order to place this disease into remission, we will help the clients address five critical areas;

Holistic Recovery – We engage and sustain the entire person, body, mind and spirit in order to recover your overall health and wellness.

Individualized and Family Central Approach – Our approach focuses on the unique needs of each individual and his or her family. Thus, our orientation is both individualized and family centered.

Evidence Based Treatments – We have a highly experienced clinical team that offers a wide variety of treatments that are supported with solid scientific evidence.

Respectful Environment – Recovery occurs best in an environment that is peaceful, respectful and nurturing so that the person can heal from their suffering and expand their spiritual connection. Thus, Clear Conscience Counseling, LLC is created as a sanctuary for the human soul.

Community of Care – Our team will reach out to the client’s community treatment providers to communicate their progress and involve them in the clients’ after care. If necessary, we will link clients with appropriate treatment options in there home environment after they are discharged from Clear Conscience Counseling, LLC.


Mission Statement

The mission of Clear Conscience Counseling is to provide high quality, compassionate, therapeutic and counseling services to the community, including the underserved.


Vision Statement

Our vision of the future is to be is the tri-state area’s leading intensive in community and outpatient healthcare provider providing a unique and integrated approach to both mental health and behavioral disorders for youth as well as adults.

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